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February 2013
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Jordan Maxwell: The more you educate yourself the more you understand where things come from the more obvious things become and you begin to see lies everywhere. You have to know the truth and seek the truth and the truth will set you free.

We touch on many topics today, that soon we will explore much deeper.   Jordan speaks of his friendship Bill Jenkins from ABC News.   Dr. Bob Beck, and their work with the Government and the Philadelphia Experiment, UFO’s,  and Telsa.   High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska.  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. (DARPA) Royal RIFE machine.  Gas that does not pollute, through additional “Hydrocracking”.   Pollution throughout the world.  Prisons are big business in the USA. How Commerce and Congress are one in the same.  Importance of words and their meanings. We are all companies.  In 1871 how the US Corporation was formed.   United States vs United States of America.  There are two of everything as an example; State of California, and California State.  State of, is Federal. For Official use only means, car or truck owned by the State.  Why we need a license for everything?

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19 year old Jordan and his personal Twilight zone.
Jordan travels to Los Angeles in 1959, arrives with $9 to his name.  He speaks of his  first Girlfriend, and the encounter with her father who was one of many of Jordan’s other-worldly experiences.  His girlfriend’s father exposed Jordan to one of his many UFO encounters.  The father scared Jordan, and explaining to him about how “we have been watching you, and we brought you to California”. The father shows Jordan three UFOs, in North Hollywood, in 1959. Laser colored UFO’s . The father tells Jordan not to worry about his life, and his Journey. The Complete Works of Charles Forth.  Girlfriend and Father expose Jordan to caves around Southern California.

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Jordan discusses how he has been speaking out and researching since 1959. Jordan wanted to know more, about everything.  His wanting to know more about the Occult, and its meaning, “hidden”.

Jordan talks about a “force in the universe” that has opened Jordan to all sorts of strange experiences.  Jordan shares a story of an out of body experience as a child, and growing up in Gulf Breeze Florida in the 1950’s. Jordan grew up Catholic, which lead him at an early age to question the nuns, priests, and the very structure of the church. As a child he saw alien life forms on a daily basis.

A strange tale from Gulf Breeze Florida. The Ghoul that terrorized the small Florida town of Pensacola in the 1950’s.  Lyncanthropy, and its medical disability for a werewolf. The moon and its influence on people.

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SUN God, HORUS, Religion is story about Sun and Moon warship, light and darkness.  Sun Gods, Saturn Gods, and general warship of Gods. Illuminati, and its Propaganda.  The number twelve as symbol for religion. 12 steps in the sky, 12 hours, 12 seasons, 12 signs of the Zodiac.  HAARP.  Mithraism, and its significant link to modern day Christianity.  How modern day religion is a big business. The biblical story is big astrological story based on Sun and Moon warship.   How the modern system started with global symbols and how they are linked to Sun warship.    Church, the legal system, courts and everyday life.  Ancient Rome and its link to laws of the land.   Maritime Admiral Jurisdiction, "the law of water", and its links to commerce and money. Understanding the world we live in, and how everything works. Where there is no vision the people parish. There is no vision most people have no clue, what is going on.

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USA as a republic is derived from the Hindus, and India. Before 1890, there was no Star of David. Religion, laws and names came from names in Hindu-ism.  Hinduism, its religion and its involvement in other religious. Venus warship and the color green seen in the Flags of different countries.
Hans Heymann, Professor from Rutgers University,  His book "Plan for Permanent Peace".
The Vatican and its 1600 years of domination of Europe and the Americas. Rome dominating Europe for over 2300 years. "All roads lead to Rome".  Rome and the Venetian Canaanites, and how they still rule the world. Moon God, and his name Sin.  Mt. Sinai the mountain at night.
Sun and Leo, and the Sun Symbol on every State Seal.  Passover, is the resurrection of the sun in spring passing over the equator. Sun warship and religion. All religions are a triangle, which is three sided. Father, Sun, Holy Ghost.

Hans Heymann-  "Plans For Permanent Peace"

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Jordan speaks about the symbols on the dollar bill. 33 Feathers on one wing. 32 on the other, 9 tail feather… (council of 9) The Tri-un Gods, and the Bible. What do the 13 stars on the dollar bill mean? We talk about the hexagram and the six-pointed star, and Saturn. Christmas was originally Saturnalia. Sun cycle basis for all religions. Sun cycle keeps going... Everything is connected. We talk about Jesus being the rejected cornerstone, not the cornerstone of the church.

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JMS : Conversations with Jordan #1

Why the Jordan Maxwell Show? What inspired Jordan? Nothing is what it seems. Jordan shares experiences from 17 years ago on what inspires his research. Who is giving humans technology?  Jordan talks of friends in business and in government who call the shots. Jordan touches on symbols and their meaning within global government. We talk of the Pyramids of Egypt, and Orions belt and  other pyramid around the world, including in one that is submerged in the grand banks of the Bahamas.

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