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Jordan discusses why he's dropped off the face of the Earth - being attacked - Jordan's enemies - Al-Qaeda Christians - fatigued at 73-years old - FBI calls Jordan to warn him - assessing the stupidity and folly of humanity - Hinduism the basis for Judaism - EGYPT and Sun Worship the basis for Christianity - MOON-o-theism the basis of ISLAM - God's so-called Chosen People - talking to the movie industry about ILLUMINATI - broke, tired, and old - Jordan's detractors - allegations of never crediting MANLY PALMER HALL - termination from TRUTH SEEKER COMPANY, so David Icke could replace Jordan Maxwell - David Icke does not want Jordan's job - allegations of Jordan sitting on his butt and doing nothing - destitution - consequent association with BBCOA begins leading to FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION versus Jordan Maxwell - guilt by association - BBCOA website featured Jordan due to Jordan's celebrity generating business for BBCOA, but Jordan had no control or influence over BBCOA - Jordan not in BBCOA's decision-making process - Jordan Maxwell sleeping on a floor living in a separate, small, dirty office - BBCOA selling bogus credit cleanup packages and illegitimate International Drivers Licenses on a website featuring Jordan's name and image - Jordan never given access, passwords to, or control over said website - FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION shuts down BBCOA and finds Jordan Maxwell liable - Jordan Maxwell's affiliation with BBCOA loose and expedient, and only for the purpose of promoting his life's work - no control or influence over BBCOA's separate actions and policies - Jordan unaware of BBCOA's activities, not Jordan's business or concern.

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Jordan and affiliate discuss for the first time in 50 years, Jordan Maxwell has creative control - the show is actually Jordan Maxwell's and is produced exclusively by Jordan Maxwell - Jordan states people come into his life, take his work, and proclaim it to be "their work" - Jordan wants the world to understand the difference between conventional, modern-day astrology and the astrology of NOSTRADAMUS - Jordan discusses astrology's history, relevance, and importance - NOSTRADAMUS proved the stars in the heavens have something to do with life on Earth - God speaks from the heavens nightly, so that the whole world is listening to Him, the whole world is learning from God each night - the skies of the night proclaim the wisdom of God - MOSES in the Bible said have nothing to do with the people who read the future by the stars - MOSES was the leader of a lunar, Moon cult - YAHWEH (YHWH, YHVW), God of the ancient Hebrews, was a lunar deity, a Moon god - ALLAH is a Moon god in the Hebrew Old Testament - EGYPT and the Moon - Christians worship the Sun/Son on Sun-day - JESUS is a name for the Son/Sun - first legitimate theology on Earth was reading God's will in the stars (astrology) - GENESIS 1:14 - Let the stars be for signs - Let Your Kingdom Come - Kingdom of animals, ZOO-diac, Zodiac - King Arthur and His Twelve Knights, Twelve Battles, and Twelve Years of Peace - Twelve Stations of the Cross, Twelve Tribes of ISRAEL, Twelve Brothers of JOSEPH - Twelve Labors of HERCULES - Astro-Theology - Moon, Saturn, Day-to-year correspondence - stars beyond the power of human manipulation and corruption, a form of undiluted Truth, an Eternal Story.

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Jordan and affiliate discuss Astrology, religion, Cancer, the Moon and $$$ money $$$, Neptune, the realm of people's subconscious desires (a realm beyond logic), the conceptual ideas and symbols of religion - navigating according to the stars on the high seas and in your life - Our Father who Art in Heaven (where the stars are) - Zodiac, Zoo-diac, the animal kingdom, Let Your Kingdom Come, the Constellations (beyond human corruption), atoms from the guts of stars, the Sun - Nostradamus, Ophiuchus, astrological signs are NOT the Constellations, longing for the sky (where Heaven is -- up there, in the sky, where the stars are) - God's Sun, Sun-day, church, the Light of the World, our Risen Savior, life, God's Sun gives his energy for us - the Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke, John - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter; da Vinci - The Last Supper - Twelve Apostles - twelve months of the year - twelve labors of Hercules - Greatest Story ever told - ancient Egypt - astrology a branch of political intelligence for kings - God speaks from the Heavens to the Nations - investment funds influenced by astrology - astro-economics - luna-tic - commerce, tides, time, Moon, Saturn - intervention, our Creators, human corruption - man's origins, the Universe - Masonic astronomy, ancient Freemasonry - Rashi, year 1040, Solomon's Temple - evolutionary role within the species - God out there in the Heavens - Circe eats people's brains and robs them of their Destiny - Paul LaViolette - disaster, dis-a-STAR - Mari, Mary, Virgo, Virgin, Foot, Head, Snake, Jesus, Ophiuchus, Death, Resurrection - esoteric knowledge.

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JMS : Maxwell Files 2001

Jordan Maxwell discusses the darkness of this world - the cataclysmic folly of the human race - crime in high places - extraterrestrial intervention in mankind's affairs aka "the Gods" (a common theme in religions) - spirituality - crime, violence, murder, and corruption in religion - elite pimps and murderers - un-German thoughts - George Orwell - mental sloth - utter, benighted ignorance - govern - ment, govern-mint, govern-mind - faith and credit - mind control - knowledge is power - zombies - cancer - Royal Rife - God, cod, code - church, kirk, Circe - whiskey, liquor, and religion - sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll - money, sex, stupidity.

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Jordan thanks you for supporting the show, and gives props to George Noory, Jeff Rense, and Alex Jones. 

Jordan and Mike talk about the Church of the Latter Day Saints.  "Sin today, be saved tomorrow." 

Jordan explains Jesus was never here.  Jesus is a metaphor.  The entire story of Jesus in the new testament, from Matthew to Revelation is a profoundly important work on the world, and an incredibly important story.  It's got important knowledge, and understanding woven into the story, but you have to know how to read it.
"You have eyes, that do not see, you have ears, that do not hear and with your heart you do not get the sense of it" Jesus.

The Jesuit theologians, Priests, and Cardinals etc.  all understand that the story of the bible is a metaphor.  It is all Astro-Theology.
Michelangelo did not have access to the bible.  No common man was supposed to have access to the bible.
Jordan dies not care to debate anyone at this stage, but he challenges anyone to prove there was ever a man called Jesus that was the actual Son of God.

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The timing of the birth of our nation was no accident. Benjamin Franklin was very much devoted to the science of astrology. The timing was hand picked. The stars said that United States of America, was going to be strong, wealthy and rebellious. But there was subversion present, by the Old World Order. The fat cats smoking cigars weren't going to loose control so easy. They immediately set out to control "The New World" before it got out of hand. They succeeded by 1871, with the Civil War, and the forming of "The United States Corporation".

There is still free speech, because they want to know what we are thinking. We can talk about anything we want, but don't be talking about banking. Martin Luther King spoke about black inequality, and other social issues, but as soon as he spoke about banking. WHACK! Same with JFK.

1849 - Banks were illegal. 1879 - After Civil War. All that was gone under the corporation.


Then even further their control by abolishing the Gold standard and allowing the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank. The Pope is essentially the Ceasar of Rome. Aries rules War, and that is where the Dragons Tail is for the States United on the American Continent. This is causing a lot of stress to the military, which may be due to the military budget cuts. The dragon's tail will be in Aries until March 2014, it will then move into public standing, and/or reputation. In other words, the world is going to be saying… "go home America, take care of your own problems, leave us alone." There are people behind the scenes, that are going to have to fix the banking laws soon.

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Jordan has had 36 Peak Experiences in his life that have molded his thoughts and his life.

San Diego, mid 1990's, Jordan has an experience that was too coincidental, be called a coincidence.  A road trip with his good friend Bob Leeds, turns into a strange premonision.

Jordan invited his friend Jeff on a small trip to Box Canyon, north of Los Angeles.  While Star Gazing with a few beer, Jordan makes dare to God.

Star gazing as a ten year old with his pal Conner back on the Gulf coast, the two witness an unbelievable, unexplainable phenomenon in the sky.

Again in SanDiego, while visiting his friend Tim, again in the 1990's both Tim and Jordean had retired to their rooms to sleep.  While sleeping, Jordan was awoke by the sound of fire burning, but smelled no smoke...   It wasn't a fire!   At the same place, a few nights later, Jordan had a lucid dream, where he argued with an Angel.  The angel ordered him to wake up with a warning.

Jordan had a friend many years ago (1990's) that used to make VERY accurate predictions.  One of these predictions predict the exact date of an out of State conference with Dave Talbot and the Kronia group in portland Oregon.  It has become true all but the very last detail...that he was to be the speaker, where he met Bob Leeds.  It's all come true, other than the last detail.

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A Nobleman should know the Law in full, and a  sovereign is above a Nobleman.  So, you better do your homework, and know what you’re talking about if you want to be a sovereign, and be treated differently than everybody else, because if you don’t, you’ll find yourself in a lot of trouble. 

In the original constitution, all men were sovereigns. (Lancing v. Smith.) If you are a sovereign, you don’t have anything to do with the I.R.S.  If you are seeking State citizenship, you may not be aware of many adhesion contracts that you have already made giving any sovereignty away.  If you are enjoying the benefits of the corporation, then the government feels that you should shoulder part of the burden too. You are not sovereign.

In the old days, before the constitution, in the wild west, when all men were still sovereigns, every man was a king, and held a pistol on his belt.  If one sovereign disagreed with anothet, they had the option to hold court, right there on the street.  Kings are sovereign, subjects are subjugated.  The aristocrats began to realize they were in trouble, having a bunch of peasants, that were now sovereign.

Internal Revenue Service, is an internal organization that deals with employees, or franchisees of the United States Corporation. Evidenced by writing a check for our “State Tax” to the Franchise Tax Board.  I.R.S. employees, are just people doing a job. 

US citizens cannot have allodial title to anything.  They only hold an equitable interest.  The corporation owns everything!

Are citations illegal? 

What is the difference between Substance and legal fiction.

What is the difference between a resident, and domicile.

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"Come let us reason together" Moses

"If you sleep on your rights, you have none." JM

The United States Federal Government is a company, which operates like any other company. The USA has 50 states, and each state is it's own Sovereign Country. There are laws that define Citizens.  "The pen is mightier that the sword".  We should also write our elected officials, collectively, we CAN change the laws.

Democracy is the will of the people. Why are special interest groups controlling Government? Is that the will of the people?  We have some great leaders, but it seems a few bad apples spoils the entire bunch. Get out and become involved. Understand the law, and follow the law.

Federal Citizen vs. State Citizen. If you’re a State Citizen, then you’re not a Federal Citizen. The Contract makes the LAW.  When you walk into a restaurant, order your food, you have an "Implied Contract". You sat down, ordered, and that implies, that you agreed to pay. "Implied-Law".

Jordan and friends speak about … 1868 when 14th Amendment was implanted… "One nation under God,"  is this incorrect?  … Belemey, Socialist movement… The difference between California State, and the State of California…  Privileges vs. Rights. 

We look at  the Dred-Scott decision. Slaves came here as Chattel personal an item of movable personal property, therefore you have no rights. Humans are Chattel - "Human Resources".

"Live within the Law, know the Law." JM.

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Law is the order of the day, and we have to much DIS-order. We need to live our lives according to the Law, but we need to understand it. Remember Moses in Genesis, Moses broke the Law, The original lawbreaker, by breaking the tablets. We must under what we can and cannot do.
There are only two things on earth, and therefore only two types of law; Law of the land and law of the sea. Our federal government has jurisdiction in the Law of the sea only.  Hence, citizenship, ownership, Friendship.  Ship = Maritime laws.  These Laws have strict liability.
Law of the land is common law. These laws are under under the USA Inc.'s jurisdiction.   These laws as a citizen, you have limited liability.
In Ashwander v. Tennessee Valley Authority , the Supreme Court faced a challenge to the constitutionality of a congressional program of development of the Wilson Dam. The plaintiffs,preferred stockholders of the Alabama Power Company, had unsuccessfully protested to the corporation about its contracts with the Tennessee Valley Authority ("TVA"). Plaintiffs then brought suit against the corporation, the TVA, and others alleging breach of contract and advancing a broad constitutional challenge to the governmental program   In December 1934, Federal Judge William Irwin Grubb held that the government had no right to engage in the power business except to dispose of a surplus incidental to the exercise of some other Constitutional function.
Business in Europe is now controlled by the European Union (EU). France is still France, Germany is still Germany,  with their own laws (of the land) but business for europe, is now conducted under the EU.  Much like the State of Ohio, is still the state of Ohio, Utah is still Utah, (with their own laws of the land) but trade is done with the world as the United States of America.
State of NY, and each of the 50 States within the Union, has its own Constitution.

Jordan and friends speak about how the Federal Government Deceitfully gets Jurisdiction Over You and Everything You Own, due to the "Buck Act."   4 U.S.C.S. Sections 105-113. Is a law to permit the States to extend their sales, use, and income taxes to persons residing or carrying on business, or to transactions occurring, in Federal areas, and for other purposes.

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