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Jordan Maxwell outlines a very important overview of his work on Art Bell's DREAMLAND; Sunday, 19-March-1995

Many wonder, "Who is Jordan Maxwell?" This is Jordan in his own words.

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LISTEN to Jordan's message about his Research Society.

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"They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority" GM - Gerald Massey

Jordan discusses Astrology, NOSTRADAMUS, the unique way NOSTRADAMUS did Astrology, and Astro-Philosophy

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There's a whole lot going on that you don't know, when it comes to why the Metric System was created. It isn't what it seams to be. It's a movement to take over the world, and they are in the final stages. JM

Jordan Reviews WHAT THE METRIC SYSTEM IS, and what the difference is between the Royal System, and the Metric System. The "Inch" is all based on the Egyptian. "Sacred Cubit" - Our inch was established by measuring the distance between poles, divided by 500,000,000. Then Jordan gets into WHY IT WAS CREATED. That's where it gets interesting. Stonehenge, Pyramids, Masons, Atheism, League of Just Men, Jehovah's Witnesses, Charles Taze Russell, Rockafellers, Chase Manhattan, Morgan Guaranteed Trust , Open End bank accounts, Rothchilds, New World Order, End of Judeo-Christian Civilization, Communist International. Very Interesting.

It all boils down to needing a New way to "Measure Values", to replace the Imperial System. The World Revolutionary Movement. WRM

The French Revolution will be the first assult on the Egyption / Judeo-Christian Based Religions, and there will be three. The second was the Russian Revolution, the third is the current war we are in now.

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People don't understand how government works.  People don't understand how religions work.  People don't understand how commerce works.  People just don't get it.

Jordan Maxwell

That's because the people in power don't want you to get it. -- Jordan Maxwell

Jordan likes having people on the show with something important to say, who explain parts of  THE MATRIX,  so to speak, people who have done their homework, people Jordan learns from. One such young man is Zachary Corzine. Zachary is well studied in the areas of Language, Government, Law, and Finance. Words are powerful, and they’re the cornerstones of communication. How language is used, and how words interact with one another, is of paramount importance in understanding the law. Listen and learn. We'll have Zachary back soon to talk exclusively about the Federal Reserve!

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"Jordan Maxwell - Back in the Saddle"

For over a decade, Jordan has been a victim of greed. Under the pretense of helping Jordan, many people have come along only to "kick em while he's down", and "exploit" him without compensation. All the while, he has NOT been able to defend himself, or fight back, leading to a cycle, of more problems, that keep going, and going, and going, and....    Well, it's finally time to break the cycle.
Jordan is now in a position that he has the support from friends, old and new, competent lawyers, and his audience. Together they are supporting Jordan's work, and also supporting him financially, which enables him to afford legal support for the first time ever. We hope you can support him too. PLEASE SEE the DONATE BUTTON on the right side of the JORDAN MAXWELL SHOW home page.)

Jordan and the Producer of the Jordan Maxwell Show explain briefly what is going on with the current litigation between Jordan's old Web Master, and the Jordan Maxwell Show, and then goes on to talk about familiar topics that he enjoys talking about.  Jordan is happy to be doing his show again.  We will try to do a show a week while in litigation!

Thank you all those who have donated.... There have been over 100 donations over the last few months.  Some very generous indeed.  Please if you haven't yet, and are thinking about supporting Jordan, Now is a time of need.

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So, there seems to be some sort of problem.  Momentum Development launched 3 copyright strikes out to Jordan Maxwell Show.  They must have mistakenly thought that they produced this Jordan Maxwell Promotional Video.  So while Youtube figures that out, we will stream it from here!!

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Well, there seems to be some sort of a mis-understanding..  Momentum Development Owned by Josef Dolezal seems to think that he created our promotional video for Jordan.  He has put 2 strikes on YOutube against the Jordan Maxwell Show, for infringing on his copy rights....  We we will put it up here while they determine that they they are mistaken...

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Jordan Maxwell discusses his NEW Kickstarter campaign.  Kickstarter is a way to fund creative projects, so Jordan can continue with his work.  To make a contribution,   VISIT -    
WATCH and LISTEN to the NEW Jordan Maxwell Promotional Video-   

SPREAD the Word. Thank You.

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